About Our Division

The Health Communication Division is committed to excellence in research on the development of theory as well as the application of theory to communication in health promotion and health care. Our division has 568 members from 34 countries, representing more than 169 institutions. Areas of research include provider-patient interaction, social support networks, health information systems, medical ethics, health policy and health campaigns.

Division Bylaws

Please click on the following link to review the current version of our division's bylaws.


Future Conferences

2016 Fukuoka, Japan

2017 San Diego, CA, USA

2018 Prague, Czech Republic

2019 Washington DC. USA

Immediate Past Conference

 San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 21-25, 2015

Joining Our Division

If you are interested in becoming a member of our division, simply select as one of your divisions the Health Communication Division when you sign-up/renew your ICA membership. Our membership numbers determine the number of slots we are assigned for papers and panels at each conference. There is no additional cost to joining up to three divisions within ICA.